Jürgen Habermas the 82 year old German Sociologist and Philosopher renowned for his theory on the concept of ‘communicative rationality and the public sphere’, has been the subject of an article published on Die Welt by Eckhard Fuhr. Fuhr refers to Habermas as a realist. “He shows that much has already been accomplished towards achieving a ‘transnational democracy, in Europe, even if the Lisbon Treaty is a pact among states, not a constitution … Habermas uses this double perspective like 3-D glasses to take a look into Europe’s future, even as he reaches back to explore the history of democracy … an attempt to set the ground for a new European narrative that frees the continent from its 20th century experiences of war and destruction by transcending them – and looks ahead to a time when lasting peace is a “cosmopolitan right” (Kant).”


Inspired by Eckhard Fuhr http://ow.ly/7G8qy image source Wolfram Huke http://ow.ly/7G8pc