James George Janos (Jesse Ventura) the 60 year old US former Governor and TV personality continues to call for increased government transparency and accountability. In an Aljazeera stream Ventura discussed issues of “government transparency, the Occupy Wall Street movement and domestic anger toward the U.S. political system.” Ventura has published recently a book titled ‘American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies That the Government Tells Us’. In the book Ventura discusses many alleged government conspiracies and cover ups including 9/11, the assassination of President John F Kennedy and various U.S. government programs. Ventura had filed a suit against the Homeland Security and the TSA challenging security pat-downs and full-body scans as a constitutional violation of unreasonable search and seizure, however was blocked by a federal judge citing a lack of jurisdiction. Ventura also visited the Occupy Minneapolis protesters stating he wished to be the first political face to support the Occupy Movement.


Inspired by Aljazeera http://ow.ly/7Vovt image source chuckpalahniuk http://ow.ly/7VoMG