Amy Kremer a former flight attendant and now chairwoman of the US extremist group the ‘Tea Party Express’, has expressed outrage at comparisons being made with her group to the burgeoning ‘Occupy Wall Street’ grassroots movement. In an interview with POLITICO, Kremer ironically pointed out the OWS movement “don’t even know why they’re out there protesting on Wall Street. I don’t think it’s the left’s answer to the tea party movement … I think they’re just unhappy people that don’t know really what they want… The tea party movement … the thing is, we’ve matured.” The TPE under Kremer’s leadership now endorses and promotes ultra right wing Christian conservative candidates running for state and federal offices. VP Joe Biden drew a comparison referring to both movements initial origins stating, “There’s a lot in common with the tea party”.


Inspired by Min Jung Lee image source bildungblog